Apex-Medical_iCH_II_AutoCPAP_Machine_with_Heated_Humidifier (Whisper Quiet!)_Sleep apnea can lead to many types of health problems, but the good news is that this condition is treatable! If you or a family member struggles with this sleep disorder, then the Automatic Positive Airway Pressure (APAP) therapy from the Apex Medical iCH II Auto Machine may be exactly what you need to bring your body’s systems back into a healthy balance.

Understanding everything about a product can help you make an educated decision on purchasing a breathing machine. Here’s a rundown of what we’ll provide in this Apex Medical iCH Auto Machine review:

  • Features and benefits of the product and how it can impact your life
  • Special and unique features (Pros) to help you see what’s especially great about this product
  • Drawbacks (Cons) of the product so you can decide if these will be deal-breakers
  • Information about the company that makes the product
  • Review information from actual customers as well as independent reviewers to help you make an informed decision about this product
  • The bottom line to wrap it all up
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Features and Benefits of Apex Medical iCH Auto Machine

This second generation APAP (Auto Positive Airway Pressure) machine by Apex offers additional features above and beyond the original. Features and benefits for this product include:

  • LCD screen machine display offers compliance data readouts
  • Built-in heated humidifier to promote moisture in the air for more comfortable breathing
  • Anti-back flow design for humidifier
  • Enhanced auto-titration algorithm for comfortable breathing at night
  • Compliance technology includes stable and precise pressure output
  • Leak compensation so your body still gets the air it needs even if the mask fitting is compromised
  • 6 settings for adjustable humidifier for patient to set to preference
  • Lighter and smaller power supply for easy travel or transport
  • PVA (Pressure Variation Algorithm) provides pressure relief during exhalation makes therapy feel more like natural breathing rhythms
  • Super quiet functioning keeps the machine from disturbing your sleeping patterns
  • Small footprint makes this machine easy to fit into any room or into luggage for travel
  • Automatic altitude adjustment (up to 8000 feet) for use on different parts of the globe
  • Sleek, modern styling in black
  • Built-in alarm clock
  • Technical support options available
  • Weight: 2.51 lbs
  • Dimensions: 6.5” W x 7.8” D x 6.9” H
  • Water capacity: 300ml
  • Disposable fiber and reusable foam filters

Apex-Medical_iCH_II_AutoCPAP_Machine_with_Heated_Humidifier (Whisper Quiet!)_

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Special Features (Pros) of Apex Medical iCH Auto Machine

Apex-Medical_iCH_II_AutoCPAP_Machine_with_Heated_Humidifier (Whisper Quiet!)_Here are some of the features that make the iCH II Auto Machine particularly effective for helping with sleep apnea:

Small Footprint. Innovative vertical integration of the humidifier into this design means that this machine saves about 50% of space on the nightstand when compared with other products of its kind. Weighing less than three pounds, this breathing machine is especially effective when used for small spaces or when travelling.

Pressure Variation Algorithm (PVA). This technology is designed to relieve the discomfort that may be caused by using a breathing machine. This system reduces the pressure at the beginning of the exhalation and then increases to the prescribed pressure when the inhalation begins again, allowing for less difficulty with the user exhales.

Built-In Heated Humidifier. This feature allows the user to breathe as needed while combatting the sore throat and dry nose that are often part of sleep apnea and its treatment. When combined with sleep therapy breathing, humidification can help prevent nosebleeds, headaches, and other problems caused by the dryness of the air during therapy. Humidification can be turned off completely if not desired.

Auto-Titration. This technology uses auto adjustment to make the process of breathing more comfortable. The machine can be set to operate between two pressures, one when exhaling and one when inhaling. The range of pressure on the iCH II can be set between 4 and 20 cm H20, with 0.5 increment options in between. For users who do not prefer the automatic adjustment, the machine has the option of being set to CPAP instead.

Drawbacks (Cons) for Apex Medical iCH II Auto Machine

Apex-Medical_iCH_II_AutoCPAP_Machine_with_Heated_Humidifier (Whisper Quiet!)_Although minimal in the whole scheme of things, these drawbacks may be worth considering when making a purchase decision about the iCH II Auto CPAP Machine:

Water Chamber. Some customers have noted that the design of the water chamber for the humidifier portion of the machine is difficult to handle. Adding water and closing it again may be somewhat of a challenge and can cause spillage.

Yellow Light. While the machine is running, there is a small light located on the adjustable dial that remains on at all times. As this machine is meant to be used at night during sleep, some customers have noted that it would be nice if the light would have an option to turn it off.

Video: APEX|iCH Series CPAP System Installation Guide 

Apex Medical iCH II Auto Machine

Credit: APEX Medical Corp via YouTube – click here to watch directly on YouTube

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About the Apex Medical Company

Established almost 30 years ago, Apex Medical Corporation is a support product manufacturer located in Asia. The company provides a full line of medical products and markets them in more than 60 countries worldwide. From a North American perspective, Apex has earned the US FDA 510K approval. The company offers quality assurance to its customers, aided by a global service network with localized real-time support.

Apex Medical iCH Auto Machine Customer Reviews

Getting the lowdown from other customers and reviewers about a product is often the best way to determine if that item is for you. Some of the customer review highlights for Apex Medical iCH Auto Machine include:

Independent Reviews and Recommendations for Apex Medical iCH Auto Machine


The people over at CPAP.com rank this machine highly with more than 4.5 stars. One customer notes that this machine is small, quiet, and much better than her previous machine.

One customer who gives this machine five stars gives quite a few reasons for her ranking. She likes that the machine is so quiet that it can barely be heard, that the pressure is consistent without any problems with leakage, and that the minimum and maximum pressures can be adjusted easily. She also notes that this is the best breathing machine she has ever used, and has been using one for 13 years. Read More Here…

Resp Shop

Customers from Resp Shop review this CPAP machine highly, with one customer stating that it is a “very good machine”, compact in size, and a bonus that it comes with a humidifier. Another reviewer notes that it is recommend for travel, but he uses it every day and likes that it sits easily on his night stand without taking up much space. This customer also likes the humidifier that is built in. Read More Here…


Reviews offered by customers on CPAPMan.com who use the Apex Medical iCH II machine show that the product is well liked. One customer says that he has been using it for more than a year and is very satisfied. Not only that, but it’s quiet and easy to use for travel.

Another customer bought this machine because she was looking for something reliable, and she liked the fact that the humidifier was built in. She also likes the fact this machine offers positive pressure relief, that it is lightweight, and fits easily onto the night stand without taking up very much room. Read More Here…

What Amazon Customers Have to Say About Apex Medical iCH Auto Machine

Receiving more than four out of five stars, here are some highlights from a few Amazon reviews:

One Amazon verified purchaser gives this product five stars, noting that this machine was more affordable than purchasing a CPAP machine through her doctor or insurance. After looking at the reviews of other brands, this customer discovered that this machine offers better features and benefits than others available, but at an affordable price.

Another five star reviewer mentions that this product works well, “ramps up” the pressure whenever she needs it to. She likes how small the machine is. One concern for this customer is that it was difficult to set up originally, but after getting help, this customer was able to get excellent benefits from it.

Another verified purchaser rates this device with five stars, noting that is the best possible purchase that can be made on Amazon for people with sleep apnea. He mentions that this machine is easy to program if you know your metering, that it is small, efficient, and almost completely silent. After having tried six different versions of CPAP machines in ten years, this customers notes that the PVA option is extremely helpful. It works great for travel or as a standalone.

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Bottom Line

Well liked and recommended by most customers, the Apex Medical iCH Auto Machine has a great many features to offer and very few drawbacks. (It is important to note that you will need to purchase a mask separately, to your size specifications, to go along with this machine.) Most of the features that sleep apnea customers are looking for in a breathing machine are found in this one, including quiet running, adjustable airflow, humidification, and smaller but effective design. If you’re in the market for a CPAP machine that is affordable and can make your life and health better, this might be the best one for you.

Apex-Medical_iCH_II_AutoCPAP_Machine_with_Heated_Humidifier (Whisper Quiet!)_

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