You’re exhausted and just when you’re ready to get into a deep sleep, you start hearing the sounds of your partner snoring. Again. You try plugging his nose, elbowing, and kicking him but even if it stops for a few minutes, it just starts back up again. You’re sleep deprived and he seems perfectly happy. What can you do?

Sleeping with a partner who snores doesn’t have to mean the end of a relationship. Instead, consider this year’s best anti-snoring devices that can help you (and your partner) get a good night’s sleep and feel well-rested in the morning. Of course, the effectiveness of an anti-snoring device will be directly related to the cause of your partner’s snoring, so trying to get to the bottom of the reason for the snoring may help you choose the best anti-snoring device.

For most people, snoring is a benign problem that can be solved fairly simply with these over the counter, most natural snoring solutions. It should be noted, however, that snoring can be a sign of very serious health conditions and people who snore chronically should see a medical professional to rule out any issues. In any case, snoring is a sign of disrupted breathing (and potential lack of oxygen) so it should be remedied even if it doesn’t involve a partner being kept awake.

What Are Anti-Snoring Devices?

Snoring is caused by the obstruction of air in the breathing passages during sleep that then vibrates the tissues in the mouth or throat and creates a loud noise. Breathing passages may be restricted due to allergies, stuffy nose from a cold, asthma struggles, excess weight that creates physical blockage, dry air that causes inflammation or many other reasons. Because the cause is usually air blockage, the best method for resolving the problem of snoring is usually to promote better sleep breathing by getting the airways open.

Anti-snoring devices may aim to keep the nostrils open, humidify the air, or reduce the effects of gravity on the throat and tongue. These devices usually fall into three categories:

  • Nasal Devices. Normal sleep breathing should occur through the nose, but when the nose is stopped up the subsequent mouth breathing often results in snoring. Keeping the nasal passages open may be done through adhesive strips attached to the outsides of the nose. Another option is nose vents that are made of rubber or plastic inserts, designed to be placed inside the nostrils to hold them open during the night and promote better breathing.
  • Chin Straps. If the mouth falling open from gravity causes mouth breathing and snoring, chin straps may help. These are non-invasive and made of adjustable or stretch fabric and attach around the head to keep the mouth close during sleep. For some people, this can eliminate snoring.
  • Mandibular Devices. These mouthpieces are used to shift the jaw and tighten the upper airways, holding the tongue in place. This should minimize the vibrations of the mouth and throat tissues during sleep, reducing the potential for snoring and letting more oxygen get through. This is sometimes use in combination with a mandibular mouthpiece to keep it from falling out during the night.
  • Anti-Snoring Pillows. These pillows aim to prop up the head and neck so that gravity does not allow the fleshy tissues to of the tongue or throat to fall back into the airways and cause breathing blockages that result in snoring. This may be a firmer pillow that allows for comfortable sleeping on the side, or it could be a foam wedge placed under the top of the mattress to prop up the upper body and promote healthy sleep breathing.
  • Sprays, Drops and Pills. These over the counter items are often used for people who have inflammation of airways due to asthma, allergies, or sinus problems. They may provide lubrication for the nose or throat as well as minimizing the production of mucus that may be causing airway blockages. This may work well for seasonal allergies or temporary relief during a cold or illness, but is likely not the best long-term solution. Some people also use sprays containing natural essential oils that may help to open up breathing passages and reduce snoring.

Best Anti-Snoring Device

For many people whose sleep problems are caused by congestion or stuffiness in the nose, the best anti-snoring device for 2018 are these original nose vents designed by Snore Care. They’re highly rated by thousands of Amazon customer reviewers and are affordably priced. While many nasal anti-snoring devices are very obvious, these Snore Care vents are almost completely invisible so that only the person wearing them knows that they are there.

Snore Care anti-snoring nasal vents are made from soft, medical grade silicone so that they are comfortable and form-fitting no matter what the shape of your nose. Scientifically designed, these vents help to reduce snoring by maximizing the flow of air through the nose, reducing mouth breathing and therefore stopping snoring at its origin. You (and your partner or roommate!) will sleep better and more soundly while breathing in a healthier, quieter manner.

This may work as an easy, natural and quick solution for people who suffer from nasal breathing problems that cause snoring. This could be related to seasonal allergies, cold and flu season, deviated septum, or other problems that inhibit breathing through the nose that results in snoring.

And for those who are skeptical that these nasal vents are the right snoring solution for them, the company offers a convenient money back guarantee which makes them virtually risk free. They also offer a convenient carrying case which works well for sanitation and also for people who travel away from home overnight.

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Although there is no anti-snoring device that works for everyone, this anti-snoring device is one of the best and highly appreciated devices available in 2018. If you’ve been suffering by sleeping with a snorer, or know that you snore yourself and want to do your partner a favor, these anti-snoring devices may just be the thing that saves your sleep—and your relationship!

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