Whether you’re looking to ward off chronic pain, reduce inflammation, or improve your sleep, CBD (Cannabidiol) may just be the answer you’ve been wanting. CBD is a powerful substance that works naturally with your body to improve your health and well-being in a variety of ways.

While research still continues, many people find CBD useful for improving brain function, reducing anxiety and depression, alleviating cancer-related symptoms, benefitting the heart, and promoting healthier skin.

Sourced from the same plant family as marijuana, but without the pesky psychotropic side effects caused by THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD oil is extracted from industrial hemp plants. Although it has been around for generations, it is just recently becoming popular as a safe alternative to other pharmaceuticals.

Since the FDA has recently approved CBD as a food supplement, its popularity has begun to skyrocket among people looking for natural options for improving their health. Although it cannot be prescribed as medication by a doctor, it is available over the counter in a variety of forms.

Many people who use CBD oil do so either through inhalation (vaping) or by dropping the oil under the tongue. While these options are usually the fasted way to get the active CBD chemicals into the bloodstream, these methods of use are not preferred by everyone.

Because of flavor and/or convenience issues, some people prefer to take their CBD oil by eating foods that contain the substance. Edibles are a less direct way to get CBD into your body, as it has to go through the digestive system first—but it can still be effective and last in your body for a significant amount of time.

And the great news? The development of CBD edible products has taken off, so a variety of options are available today to keep you healthy and happy!

Best CBD Edibles for Pain

When you’re looking to help with chronic pain, taking CBD on a daily basis may help by reducing inflammation as well and pain sensitivity. CBD edibles are available in all kinds of options including gummies, caramels, chocolates, and more. Reducing pain with CBD edibles is a great idea and, for that, we recommend CBD gummies and candies by

Cannabidiol Life

With options for chocolates, gummies, and caramels, you can give your mouth a flavor treat that tastes nothing like taking your medicine!

Features of Cannabidiol Life Edibles:

  • Prices range from around $5 (sample size) to $75, depending on quantity and concentration
  • Concentrations from 15mg to 25mg can be taken from one to four times daily
  • Watermelon gummies include extra natural ingredients such as organic passion flower extract and L-Theanine for added health benefits
  • Caramels and chocolates are all natural, non-GMO, Gluten Free, and Kosher
  • Caramels include chocolate bliss, golden maple, and creamy vanilla

Best CBD Edibles Online

Because so many options for CBD edibles online are available, it is important to make sure that you’re buying your CBD edibles from a reliable source. That means checking to make sure that they use properly sourced hemp plants and are willing to provide their customers with lab testing results in order to assure quality.

Since there are so many CBD edible options on the market today, it would be a shame to limit our recommendations to just one! Here we’ll give you a peek at some of our favorite yummy CBD treats:

Green Roads CBD Coffee

Coffee lovers can’t go wrong combining their CBD with their morning Cup o’ Joe!

  • Available in 8 ounce or 16 ounce bags
  • Ground coffee beans
  • 100% organic and sustainably sourced from Colombia
  • Each 8 ounce bag contains 250mg of CBD
  • 15.6mg of CBD per tablespoon
  • Serving size: 2 tablespoons (1 ounce)
  • No THC
  • Lab tested
  • Pharmacist formulated
  • Caffeine is naturally present in coffee beans, offering an energy boost
  • Prices range from around $40-55 based on quantity
  • Military discount available
  • Free shipping on orders of $100 or more
  • 30 day money back guarantee for new, unopened products

Diamond CBD Honey

Honey and CBD are a natural pairing, providing sweetness and convenience for your CBD dosage needs. Plus, it can be fun to use in the kitchen as well!

We think these features of Diamond CBD’s honey options are worth mentioning:

  • Honey sticks are an easy way to take a 10mg dose of CBD
  • Sticks area available in many flavors including: blueberry, sour blue raspberry, apple, orange, cherry, strawberry, traditional honey, pink lemonade, watermelon peach, and more
  • Honey pots can be used in the same way as traditional honey: taken by the spoonful, dissolved in a hot beverage, or used in food preparation
  • Made from all natural honey
  • Products made in the USA
  • Free returns
  • Diamond offers a special discount for veterans

Lord Jones CBD Dark Chocolate Espresso Chews

If you want the taste of coffee combined with chocolate, try these CBD Dark Chocolate Espresso Chews by Lord Jones.

A bit on the luxurious side (with a price to match) these chews:

  • Contain 20 mg each of CBD
  • Are made by hand in small batches
  • Single origin dark chocolate from Ecuador
  • Cost around $30 for a box of five chews
  • Are Gluten free
  • Lab tested for potency and purity
  • Contain no artificial flavors or colors
  • Contain broad spectrum CBD from hemp cultivated in the USA
  • Contain no THC

Joy Organics Energy Drink Mix

Easy to use for on-the-go CBD dosing, here’s what Joy Organics’ CBD Energy Drink Mix has to offer:

  • Happy Berry Flavor
  • Mix with 12-24 ounces of water
  • Contains 12.5 mg of CBD in each dose
  • Other beneficial ingredients include Vitamins A, C, D E, K, B2, B12, Niacin, Potassium and more
  • Available as five packets for around $20
  • 18 month shelf life
  • Full spectrum
  • Lab tested and THC free
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Free shipping
  • Organically grown, pharmaceutical grade hemp
  • Manufactured in the USA
Shop CBD Oils from Joy Organics


CBD oil is a safe and non-addictive substance with very few side effects to taking CBD oil. Some milder side effects of taking CBD may include dry mouth, diarrhea, nausea, or changes in appetite, although these do not occur in everyone and may dissipate over time. Most people tolerate CBD edibles quite well and it’s a great way to get started with CBD, without having to put up with drops or vaping pens.

Try out CBD edibles to make your dosing experience more palatable. And enjoy a tasty treat while you’re doing it. Taking your “medicine” was never so fun!

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