Best Way to Consume CBD Oil

best way to consume cbd oil

A newly popular substance on the health scene, CBD oil is making waves with its impressive, powerful benefits. All-natural and non-psychotropic, CBD is a cousin to marijuana but doesn’t contain the THC that makes marijuana a controlled substance. It is completely legal in all fifty states and in most countries throughout the world.

While researchers are just scratching the surface of what this super-substance is capable of, masses of people are beginning to experience its benefits including pain relief, cancer prevention, digestive help, sleep assistance, reduction in depression and anxiety, and so much more.

CBD oil contains natural chemicals that are powerful and effective in bringing health and well-being to the body as well as to the mind. In order to get these chemicals to work properly, they need to enter into the bloodstream in order to be delivered to the body and brain. But how does this happen?

Here we’ll talk about the options for ways to consume CBD oil so that it can do its job in providing health and healing to you. We’ll cover sublingual, inhalation, ingestion, and topical delivery methods.

Best Way to Ingest CBD

Several options exist for getting those coveted CBD oil chemicals to work throughout the bloodstream. Let’s take a look at the most popular methods.

Under the Tongue

A CBD oil tincture is one of the simplest ways to ingest the oil because it simply goes into the mouth under the tongue (sublingual). It is recommended to hold it under the tongue for a minute or two as possible. When it is taken in this manner, the oil can enter the bloodstream through the mucus membranes of the mouth. This allows the CBD oil to bypass the digestive system and begin taking effect very quickly—sometimes in a matter of minutes, but usually less than an hour.

Some CBD oil comes in drops that are placed under the tongue. Others are offered in a sublingual spray. The difference is simply down to personal preference and the effectiveness will be the same as long as the dosage and strength of the product is equal.

Inhalation through Vaping

When CBD oil is vaped or inhaled, the body absorbs it into the bloodstream almost immediately. This is because the lungs offer a large surface area for absorption and the alveoli are like sponges that soak up the CBD compounds. E-liquids containing CBD oil are specifically designed for use in portable pens or other vaping methods and may be infused with vegetable glycerin. Because some people don’t like the taste of the CBD oil itself, the e-liquid may be flavored with peppermint or another natural flavoring oil to make it more palatable.

Capsules or Food Additives

Some people do not prefer the taste of CBD oil as it is very earthy, bitter and strong. In this case, it is possible to take CBD oil in a capsule, similar to the way a person would take a daily vitamin. The problem with this method is that it means the CBD oil must pass through the digestive system in order to get into the bloodstream, which may render it less effective. And if it’s less effective, that means you’ll need a higher dosage—making this a more expensive form of ingestion.

The process becomes particularly complicated when the CBD oil passes through the liver. Since the liver is meant to be a filter for chemicals and substances, it can actually metabolize the CBD oil, breaking it down and reducing its concentration significantly.

Some studies have shown, however, that ingesting the CBD oil along with fatty acids may allow the oil to bypass the breakdown and increase its absorption rates into the bloodstream. If you are going to take CBD oil internally, it may be more effectively absorbed if taken on an empty stomach.

Some companies also make other types of digestible CBD items, such as gummies or other edibles. Other people may try adding drops to smoothies or even baking it into food. In any of these cases, the problem is the same in that the CBD oil will be less effective if it has to go through the digestive system prior to entering the bloodstream.

Topical Application

Some people like the idea of applying creams or oils to the skin topically, but this is not an especially effective way to get the full benefits of the CBD oil. However, topical application might work for a specific patch of eczema or possibly some muscle aches. Other ways people use CBD oil topically include using it for:

  • Superficial wounds or cuts
  • Acne or pimples
  • Arthritis pain
  • Psoriasis
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Back pain
  • Headaches and migraine
  • Menstrual cramps

If using CBD oil topically, you will need to reapply fairly often (every couple of hours) in order to receive continued benefits.

When using CBD oil topically, the only way to really get it into the bloodstream to affect the entire body is by using a transdermal patch. Working through the same concept as nicotine patches, the transdermal CBD patch is worn on the skin and bypasses the digestive system to get the power of the CBD oil straight into the bloodstream. Patches often are worn for 3-4 days at a time, are fast-acting and should be waterproof. They can be fairly pricey but many people think they are worth it for the sake of the convenience they offer.

What is the Best Way to Take CBD Oil?

Although inhalation (vaping) CBD oil is probably the fastest method of getting the substance into your bloodstream, the most common and preferred method still seems to be ingesting CBD orally. When it is taken sublingually (under the tongue), it can still enter into the bloodstream fairly and the effects will be noticed in less than an hour, or sometimes even in just a few minutes.

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Taking CBD oil for various health issues is a great way to naturally supplement your immune system, relieve pain, promote healthy sleep, minimize problems with constipation, reduce anxiety and depression, fight against cancer cells, and so much more. If you’re under the care of a medical professional, talk to him or her about the use of CBD oil in your healthy, holistic lifestyle. It could absolutely change your world!

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