About Us

Here at SleepUnderCover.com, we believe that we have a unique and compelling story. The company was started in late 2017 by two guys with one simple vision… to create the best damn sleep website that exists on the entire internet!

Matt and Jared are co-founders and co-owners of Sleep Under Cover, LLC. They come from (and live on) opposite sides of their great country – the United States of America. Matt and his family live in Michigan and Jared lives in California. But thanks to the power of the internet and technology – Matt & Jared have teamed up to create this wonderful website that is revolutionizing the ‘sleep information’ sector of the internet.

Matt Sleeps as Little as Possible

Hi! I’m Matt and I believe that sleep is nothing more than a necessary nuisance when it comes to life. It’s necessary because the body can’t survive without it – and it’s a nuisance because there are so many things I’d rather be doing instead!

Because I typically allow myself to sleep only 6 hours per night – I understand the importance of getting high quality sleep during that time. I have no trouble at all with sleep. I fall asleep within minutes after my head hits the pillow and I stay asleep until my alarm goes off at 5am most mornings. I realize that lots of people are not able to sleep as well as I do and that is why I am working on this website. I believe that everybody deserves to get a great nights sleep, for as little or for as long as they like!

Jared is Best When His Body Gets Rest


Hello! I’m Jared and although Matt and I see eye-to-eye on many topics, we couldn’t be more different when it comes to the topic of sleep. I intentionally carve out 7-9 hours per day for this, no matter how hectic schedules can get.

I’m a firm believer in its importance to living a vibrant, holistic lifestyle and encourage others to do the same where possible. Although I can’t say I “love” the idea of sleep (for years I struggled with thinking about it as a bother), I now realize in order to be my best I need to give my body a rest. Also, because I’m not a fan of naps, I’d rather focus on optimizing high quality sleep so I can have a productive and fulfilling day.

About the Website

There are so many factors that play into the quality levels of sleep and we’re doing our best to cover every single one of those factors on this website! We’re finding industry experts to write and publish the best and most useful content on the internet regarding sleep. We’re covering all aspects regarding sleep disorders and also reviewing many of the hundreds of products on the market that are designed to help you sleep better.

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