Weighted Blanket: What Is It and What Are Its Functions?

Getting enough sleep is essential for your well-being, regardless of age. It helps reduce your risk of contracting severe illnesses and maintain a healthy weight. A good night’s sleep also lets you stay focused on essential tasks. 

Unfortunately, not everyone can rest appropriately because of stress, medical conditions, and poor sleeping habits. While investing in sleeping aids like duvets and quilts may be popular choices, you could improve your sleep quality, stay warm, and enhance your bed’s appearance by getting a weighted blanket. 

If you want to sleep better and improve your productivity, this article will describe the weighted blanket, how it works, and how it can help you. We’ll also discuss how to maintain this essential sleeping aid properly.

A Short History of the Weighted Blanket

American scientist Temple Grandin first studied weighted blankets in 1992. He created a Hug Machine to see how deep touch pressure could benefit people with autism. These blankets have since gained popularity and are available worldwide as a fantastic bedding option. 

What Is a Weighted Blanket?

A weighted blanket usually has sections filled with plastic or glass beads, which can provide weight to the cover. The blanket’s texture is also thicker because of the beads. Moreover, unlike a coverlet or duvet, a weighted blanket only covers your chin to your toes, not your whole bed. 

What Materials Do Manufacturers Use to Create Them?

Manufacturers create weighted blankets from standard bedding materials like cotton, rayon, linen, or polyester. On the other hand, they can make the sleeping aid’s inner beads from plastic, glass, or steel. They don’t recommend buying a weighted blanket with sand, grain, or pebble beads because they can clump, rot, or retain moisture when washed. 

How Does It Work? 

Weighted blankets use the science of deep touch pressure to help calm people, reduce anxiety, and promote better sleep. They work by wrapping us in a heavy, comforting presence, encouraging our parasympathetic nervous system to rest and soothe our minds and bodies. 

How Can I Use This Sleeping Aid?

While a weighted blanket is great for sleeping, don’t share it with your partner because it can cause an uneven and uncomfortable weight distribution for both of you. You can also use this sleeping aid by placing it on your lap or wrapping it around you while watching a movie on the couch. 

3 Ways a Weighted Blanket Can Help You

After describing the weighted blanket and how it works, let’s see how this sleeping aid can help you. 

1. Improve Your Sleep Quality

Many people struggle with sleep-related problems, and a weighted blanket may help with insomnia and relaxation. However, remember that the effects may be more of a placebo than actual science. 

2. Help You Function 

Weighted blankets can help children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism relax and focus at school and home by providing comforting physical stimuli.

3. Reduce Anxiety

Studies have shown that weighted blankets can effectively calm the mind and reduce anxious thoughts, making it easier for people to sleep at night.

How Heavy Should This Sleeping Aid Be?

When selecting a weighted blanket, it shouldn’t be more than ten percent of your total body weight for safety reasons. You should also never let children under five years old use this sleeping aid. 

How to Care For Your Weighted Blanket

Always check the label for specific washing instructions and maximum weight allowance on your machine. You must also spot clean stains and use a mild, bleach-free detergent on a gentle cycle with cool or warm water. Moreover, hang it to dry outdoors in the shade, shaking it occasionally to keep it fluffy.


Everybody deserves to wake up ready to face the day. You can improve your rest quality by investing in sleeping aids like a weighted blanket and learning to maintain it. 

If you want to improve your rest quality and learn more about weighted blankets and other essential sleeping aids, check out Sleep Under Cover! We have professional guides and tips to help you make informed choices for your bed. Sign up now to get more helpful advice on sleep health!

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