5 Snoring Remedies You Can Find In Your Kitchen

A common problem that affects more than 90 million Americans each year, snoring is no laughing matter. Not only is the sound annoying and disruptive to sleep, people who snore are often not getting enough deep sleep to provide them with restored energy. Of course, for some people snoring may be a sign of a more serious underlying medical condition and should see their doctor to rule out other related health problems.

Some people snore all the time while others find that it is seasonal. Many people may have more of a tendency to snore during winter when the air is dry and central heating is used. Also, cold and flu season may be responsible for keeping nasal passages stuffed up or causing sore throats. Spring allergies may be another culprit to blame for snoring as nasal congestion and post nasal drip are both at a high which could result in sleep breathing problems such as snoring.

Avoiding snoring is certainly the idea, as everyone would agree. And when possible, it’s great to be able to access items right from your kitchen that might be just the remedy you need for you and your spouse or roommate to get some precious sleep again! These snoring remedies from your kitchen are all natural and very affordable.

Kitchen Remedies for Snoring

Some of the best home remedies are the simplest and have been shown to be tried and true throughout years of home and naturopathic use. Check out these five important snoring remedies that only require you to wander into your kitchen so you won’t even have to leave the house! They’re natural, easy to use, and really don’t have any side effects to worry about.


Drink it as a tea or place a few leaves into a small amount of water and gargle with it, peppermint is a great mentholated herb that opens up the breathing passages readily. Anti-inflammatory properties allow swelling to be reduced which can reduce snoring. If you need something stronger than just the leaves of a peppermint plant, consider the use of peppermint essential oil (not the flavoring oil used in food). A few drops of peppermint essential oil can be placed into a cool mist humidifier and diffused into the bedroom during sleep.


Used for centuries for medicinal purposes, honey works as an anti-inflammatory as well as functioning as a lubricant. A spoonful of honey taken in the evening, or added to a hot cup of peppermint tea, may help to reduce swelling in the nasal passages and throat while providing lubrication of tissue to stop the vibration that causes the snoring sound.


Snoring can often be caused by dry, inflamed throat and mouth tissues. When dry air hits the soft palate and uvula, this makes it more difficult for the air to flow through easily. The resistance causes vibration, and that vibration creates the sounds that we know to be snoring. When the air is humid, it flows more easily through the breathing passages and doesn’t irritate the delicate mouth tissues and cause them to swell.

It’s hard to imagine that a simple pot of water might be the answer to your snoring problems! Well if the water is boiling enough to turn into steam, then you might just be in luck. Open up your breathing passages naturally by placing a pan of water in front of you on a flat surface, place a towel over your head to trap the steam in, and then breathe inside of your own little sauna. For another option that lasts a bit longer, consider the use of a cool mist humidifier in your bedroom to keep the air moist and easy-to-breathe.

Another way to use water to reduce your tendency to snore is by using a neti pot. This is a small natural remedy that is designed to clear out stuffy noses which helps air to flow better when breathing during the night. Most neti pots recommend the use of a saline packet mixed with warm water. The salt in the water helps to minimize inflammation and clear mucus and drainage from the respiratory system. Since a sore throat can cause snoring, and sinus drainage can cause a sore throat, it stands to reason that removing the drainage and inflammation may eliminate the snoring.


One more item found in your kitchen cabinet that can actually reduce or cure your snoring altogether is Turmeric. This spice has been used for thousands of years in the eastern world to cure a variety of conditions and ailments. Because it works as an antiseptic, antibiotic, and anti-inflammatory, turmeric can help to reduce congestion found in the nasal passages. When the swelling is reduced, the tendency to snore is less.

If your snoring is the result of a cold or flu, or even as a result of irritation from smoking, turmeric may also work. Simply add about one teaspoon of powdered turmeric to a glass of water or almond milk and drink. Soy milk and oat milk may also be used. Cow’s milk is not recommended as it tends to produce mucus which can be counterproductive when trying to prevent problems with snoring.


A simple item that can be found in most any kitchen, garlic helps to open up breathing passages, clear mucus, and reduce inflammation that may cause snoring. Adding crushed garlic to your diet is an easy way to provide continuous support to your respiratory system and reduce snoring. Raw garlic may be more effective than cooked garlic to reduce swelling. Onions may also work in a similar manner.


If you are aware that you are snoring and keeping your family awake at night, then using any combination of these home remedies may do the trick. Of course, if your partner snores but doesn’t listen to you when you complain, try adding a few of these items to his or her diet and see if you can get that snoring level sound down to a minimum. It’s worth a in order to get a much needed night of restorative sleep.

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