Amy Garden Weighted Blanket

Sleeping can be difficult for a variety of reasons. For people who struggle with stress, anxiety, restless leg syndrome (RLS), ADHD, autism, or chronic pain that causes insomnia, weighted blankets are becoming more popular. The weight helps to provide the body with comfort and security it needs to sleep well. In this article we’ll take a look at one popular product, the Amy Garden Weighted Blanket.

Here’s a rundown of what we’ll provide in this Amy Garden Weighted Blanket review:

  • First, we’ll explore the features and benefits that you will find to be useful about this product
  • Next, we’ll look at the drawbacks you need to be aware of
  • Then, we’ll talk a bit about the Amy Garden Company behind the product
  • Finally, we’ll give you a sample of what actual customers and independent reviewers have to say about the product, offering insight to balance out your decision-making process

Features and Benefits of Amy Garden Weighted Blanket

  • Weighted Blanket may be used for sleep problems related to Autism, ADHD, Insomnia, Stress Anxiety and more
  • Natural, non-medicinal therapy for sleeping issues
  • Deep pressure for help with chronic pain
  • Available in Dark Grey, Light Grey and Navy
  • Available in a variety of sizes and weights depending on individual needs (choose 10-15% of the body weight of the user)
  • 100% breathable cotton cover
  • Filled with hypoallergenic, non-toxic, odorless glass beads
  • Glass beads are evenly distributed throughout each compartment
  • Specially customized quality cloth updated for smooth touch feeling
  • Dense sewing process to prevent leak of glass beads

Special Features (Pros) of Amy Garden Weighted Blanket

Here’s what we love about this weighted blanket:

High-Quality Beads. The filler beads that create the weight inside the blanket are made of hypoallergenic, non-toxic, odorless glass beads. These are separated in to channels throughout the blanket in order to keep the beads evenly distributed in an effective manner throughout the night.

100% Cotton Fabric. Natural fabric is critical for making weighted blankets comfortable and breathable without causing too much build-up of heat during sleep.

One Year Warranty. The Amy Garden Company stands behind its product with a simple, one-year limited warranty. Coverage is limited to factory faults, but does protect you in case of a faulty product. Purchasing from Amazon adds an additional customer protection program as well.

Drawbacks (Cons) for Amy Garden Weighted Blanket

Making an educated purchasing decision means being aware of factors that might not be perfectly ideal. Here are some things you should know about this weighted blanket:

Separate Duvet Cover. In order to keep from having to care for this in a high maintenance way, purchasing a separate duvet cover is recommended. Because the sizes are unusual, it’s best to purchase this directly from the Amy Garden Company.

Potential Leaks. Because of the design of weighted blankets, several customers have had problems with the pellets leaking out through the stitching and creating a gritty or sandy dusting over the floor or bed. This is not uncommon for any brand of weighted blanket, and the company does offer a warranty if the problem is related to faulty manufacturing.

Video: Amy Garden Weighted Blanket

Credit: Amy Garden Weighted Blanket via YouTube – click here to watch directly on YouTube

About the Amy Garden Weighted Blanket Company

While not much information is available about the Amy Garden Company, they do offer a 1 year warranty limited to factory faults.

Amy Garden Weighted Blanket Reviews

Getting the low down and honest opinions of others who have used a product can be extremely helpful in making an educated purchasing decision. Here we’ve gathered information from various product users to help you get the information you need to make a wise choice.

Independent Reviews and Recommendations

Check What’s Best Website

The folks over at the Check What’s Best site offer up the Amy Garden Weighted Blanket for review. One note from this reviewer is that the blanket is only available up to 20 pounds, meaning that it would not be as effective for people who weigh more than 200 pounds or so. It is also mentioned that purchasing a separate duvet cover is recommended because the blanket itself may need to be dry cleaned if it gets dirty. Read More Here…

Weighted Blanket Reviews Website

This website gives a very deep and wide review of the Amy Garden Weighted Blanket. This reviewer also comments on the fact that the range of blankets is more limited than other brands on the market today. The competitive price is noted here. This particular reviewer notes that he has been ‘spoiled’ for the last two months sleeping with this weighted blanket. He mentions that there is a lot to like for this blanket. The fact that you have to buy a duvet cover separately makes it less attractive, but the good price makes it more palatable. 

What Amazon Customers Have to Say About Amy Garden Weighted Blanket

With more than 400 customer reviews, this product comes in with more than 4 stars.

One verified buyer purchased this blanket for her 8 year old child with ADHD and anxiety. He has been sleeping much more effectively when before he would wake up several times in the night. She’s says that the size is great and the weight distribution seems to be even. 

Another verified purchaser says that he was skeptical before buying this product but he is sold on it now. He says that this blanket helps with anxiety, helps him to fall asleep, and to sleep more deeply throughout the night. Although he doesn’t love having the weighted feeling on his feet, otherwise it is very comforting and cozy.

A different Amazon user mentions that she doesn’t know if she could ever sleep without this blanket now that she has it! It reduces her anxiety, helps her to sleep, calms down her heart rate, and simply feels like a giant hug. Although she was reticent at first, she’s very happy that she took the chance and invested in her well-being.

Bottom Line for the Amy Garden Weighted Blanket

A strongly viable option for a weighted blanket, this product by Amy Garden offers comfort, security, and a wonderful night of cozy sleep. Its affordable pricing and one year warranty are certainly a plus. For people who have never slept with a weighted blanket before, it’s a great way to try one out. Some people have stated that it has actually changed their lives and they’ll never go back to sleeping without it!

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