DAVID Delight Pro Mind Alive Product Review

Using technology to balance out the various aspects of life can not only make life easier, but more fulfilling and effective. Mind Alive has a series of products that promote a healthier mind and body through improved mental function, relaxation, and sleep. Here we’ll feature the DAVID Delight Pro. This popular Light and Sound machine by Mind Alive offers safe and effective brain stimulation, frequency tracking, and music modulation. DAVID Delight Pro puts everything together into this innovative mind machine and in this article we’ll take a look at what it could do for you.

Here’s a rundown of what we’ll provide in this DAVID Delight Pro Mind Alive Product Review:

  • First, we’ll explore the features and benefits that you will find to be useful about this product
  • Next, we’ll look at the drawbacks you need to be aware of
  • Then, we’ll talk a bit about the Mind Alive company behind the product
  • Finally, we’ll give you a sample of what actual customers and independent reviewers have to say about the product, offering insight to balance out your decision-making process

Features and Benefits of DAVID Delight Pro Mind Alive

  • Patented DAVID Delight Pro offers improvements and solutions for a variety of life’s pains and struggles
  • Brain training for relaxation as well as enhanced sports performance
  • Effectively mimics meditation to promote healthy sleep, mental clarity, improved mood
  • Increases brain power to improve mental performance
  • Tru-Vu Omniscreen Eye set with 8 white LEDs mounted over a silver reflector to distribute light evenly to the eyes
  • LEDs are highly efficient and can last for over 100,000 hours
  • Soft-Off offers gradual lowering of lights and tones at the end of a session to prevent the user from being started by abrupt changes
  • 25 pre-programmed sessions are thoroughly tested and designed for high impact
  • Sessions fit into 5 categories: Energize, Meditate, Brain Brightener, Mood Booster, and Relaxation/Sleep
  • 100 Hz CES optional with any session
  • Used by some as an affordable alternative to neurofeedback treatment
  • Easy to use power, volume and intensity buttons
  • Battery power indicator helps you easily see if you have enough power for your session
  • Excellent customer support
  • Money back guarantee for 30 days
  • System includes: stereo headphones, MP3, eyeset with carrying case, cables, AC adapter, 9V alkaline batteryuser manual and backpack style carrying case

Special Features (Pros) of DAVID Delight Pro Mind Alive

Some of the aspects about the product that are worth a special mention:

Soft-Off Feature. The fact that the programs will turn of slowly and gradually toward the end, rather than an abrupt shutoff is a great feature. This keeps the end of the program from becoming jarring or startling, which could undo the relaxation that the user has just worked so hard to achieve!

Session Editor Available. For an additional purchase, Mind Alive offers a DAVID Session Editor through Microsoft that allows you to design custom sessions for your Delight Pro mind machine. This provides a more specific programmability for volumes, intensity, tones, replays and more. There is an additional cost for this, but the availability makes this a great option.

Drawbacks (Cons) for DAVID Delight Pro Mind Alive

What you might need to know about this product before diving in:

Not a Lot of Program Variety. Although 25 preset programs is a decent number, some other similar products offer a higher number of programs. And while you can create your own sessions, there are only five locations for storage of your personally designed sessions.

Video: How to Use the Mind Alive AVE machine

Credit: Dana Massat via YouTube – click here to watch directly on YouTube

About the Mind Alive Company

Based in Canada, Mind Alive has been designing and implementing mind enhancement products for more than 30 years. Through extensive research, the company continually reveals new applications that fit with the technology available in today’s world.

DAVID Delight Pro Mind Alive Reviews

Looking at what actual users of a product have to say about it makes all the difference in deciding what is right for you! Here we’ve gathered information from various sources to help you see how reviewers and product users have experienced the DAVID Delight Pro Mind Machine:

Independent Reviews and Recommendations

Emily Reviews Website

This independent reviewer mentions that after using this product just one time, she definitely felt calmer and more relaxed. She used the machine when she had an extended period of time to be able to stop and sit quietly. The reviewer definitely felt that it was worth the time to sit and relax, improve energy levels and promote healthy blood flow as well as breathing more deeply. Read More Here…

Healthy Living Reviews Website

The reviewer over at Healthy Living Reviews notes that she likes to meditate regularly anyway, and this mind machine was useful in promoting an even more relaxed state. She uses it as part of her daily routine and certainly feels that it is helpful for her personal well-being. Read More Here…

What Amazon Customers Have to Say About DAVID Delight Pro Mind Alive

One verified purchaser from Amazon notes that this product has helped with her debilitating fibromyalgia. This machine has helped her to achieve the quality meditation suggested by her doctor to help with relaxation and health.

Another Amazon reviewer uses this mind machine to help with her PTSD, anxiety, ADHD, and nightmares. While she used to use LENS treatments, they were very costly. The DAVID Delight Pro machine gives her similar results, helping her to fall asleep at night and focus during the day. She feels that it is worth every penny and wishes that she had found it earlier in her life!

One other verified purchaser on Amazon mentions that this is pricey, but much less expensive overall than visiting the doctor for a similar treatment. He uses this treatment every day and can notice the difference, particularly in the ability to get a full night of sleep without having to use sleep medications.

Bottom Line

Overall, the DAVID Delight Pro is a great product that does what it is intended to do: provide the user with a boost to mental, physical and emotional health. Many users have found it effective in helping with sleep, relaxation, and mediation that calms the mind and helpful for promoting focus and mental clarity. A bit pricey upfront, this mind machine is worth the investment to improve healthy function in everyday life.

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