Do Chin Straps Work to Stop Snoring ?

Snoring is one of those ‘little’ parts of life that become really big in a very short time! Not only does it keep your sleeping partner from getting a good night’s rest, it can also be an indication of other underlying health complications. While it would be nice if a magical cure for snoring existing that would solve the problem for anyone, truly the cure for snoring depends completely on the cause of the snoring. And this can be a bit difficult to discover.

Causes for snoring can come from underlying health concerns such as sleep apnea or allergies, in which case treating those conditions should eliminate the snoring as well. Before attempting to treat snoring on your own, it is advisable to check with your doctor about the cause of your snoring and the best form of treatment.

Many times, however, snoring is caused by the general relaxation that happens in the body during sleep. Particularly when a person has a large tongue or throat tissues falling back into the air passages, this can then disturb the airflow and create noise as the tissue vibrates during sleep breathing. If this is the cause for snoring, then it is possible that certain types of devices that keep the tongue or throat closed may help to reduce or even completely eliminate problems with snoring.

What Are Chin Straps for Snoring?

The idea behind chin straps for snoring is that snoring comes from the mouth so keeping the mouth closed may help eliminate problems with snoring. Another benefit of the concept is that it keeps the bottom jaw pulled forward, providing more of an open airway from which to breathe.

Chin straps started out with a fairly rudimentary design –sometimes resembling simply wearing a leather belt on your head. This could have kept the wearer from sleeping simply because the strap was so uncomfortable! And it is this idea that may keep some people from wanting to try out a chin strap for fear of discomfort.

However, chin straps have come a long way in their design and structure. They are now often made out of high quality, comfortable material such as nylon and spandex that are stretchy, lightweight and breathable. The fabric that touches that face is typically very soft and the design may include adjustable straps made from Velcro. Many high-quality chin straps for snoring are made from washable fabric so that they can be easily cleaned and kept germ-free.

One great thing about chin straps for snoring is how affordable and easy to use they are. They simply wrap around the head and hold the chin and jaw in place. Many people are afraid of surgery to stop snoring and are looking for a quick fix. Although not effective for everyone who snores, for some people a chin strap may be the simplest and most effective option for mouth-breathing snorers.

Do Chin Straps Really Stop Snoring?

If you are a person who sleeps with your mouth open and that is where the snoring is coming from, then this might make a lot of sense for you. On the other hand, if the origin of your snoring is not because of loose tissues in your tongue or neck, then a chin strap probably won’t make a difference.

When a chin strap is worn during sleep, it works to hold the jaw in place like a sling. For some people, this reduction in the ability for throat and tongue tissues to slip back into the airway may be able to stop problems with snoring. For mouth breathers this may change everything.

For people trying out a chin strap for snoring, it is important that you don’t simply give up if it doesn’t work on the first night that you use it. These chin straps are adjustable to fit various skull and jaw sizes, so you may not get it right on the first try. If you try it one night and your chin strap feels tight and uncomfortable or leaves a mark on your skin, try loosening it a bit the next night.

Of course, if you are a mouth breather and snorer because you have allergies or nasal passage disfiguration that causes congestion in the nose, a chin strap could potentially cause more problems with breathing during sleep. In this case, the underlying problem of nasal congestion should be handled first with your doctor (possibly through allergy medicine or even surgery on the nose) and then the question of whether a chin strap is needed to stop snoring can be answered. Check with your doctor if your snoring is caused by nasal allergies or problems with sinus congestion.

People who have obstructive sleep apnea should not attempt to use chin straps to prevent snoring. Because sleep apnea can be a dangerous health condition, it is important to check with your doctor right away if you have this sleeping disorder.

Chin straps for snoring can be found online and range in price depending on the quality and the makeup. Some chin strap companies offer a money back guarantee so that trying them out comes without financial risk for the user.

How to Choose a Chin Strap for Snoring

When choosing to purchase an anti-snoring chin strap device, here are some factors to consider before making a purchase:

  • What fabric is the chin strap made of?
  • How does the chin strap adjust?
  • Does the chin strap have ear slits for comfort?
  • Does it come in different sizes?
  • How is it cleaned or washed?
  • Does the company offer a money-back guarantee?


Although use of an anti-snoring chin strap device many not work for everyone, it is certainly worth as shot as it is typically a low-cost, low-risk purchase that is simple and easy to use. Try a chin strap for your mouth-breathing snoring problems and see it works for you.

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