what is rem sleep

What is REM Sleep ?

While the body is sleeping, the brain moves through four different stages of sleep that make up the sleep cycles happening throughout the night. One…

can netflix affect your sleep

Can Netflix Affect Your Sleep?

If you’ve gotten into the habit of binge watching Netflix (or any other streaming video content for that matter) then you are certainly not alone….

what is a sleep cycle

What is a Sleep Cycle ?

Until just a few decades ago, scientists understood very little of what was happening to people when they fell asleep. It was assumed that the…

yoga for insomnia treatment

Yoga for Insomnia Treatment

Stress can cause sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation can cause stress. The two turn into a vicious cycle that can wreak havoc on your entire life….

military sleep schedule

Military Sleep Schedule

If you’ve heard the phrase “we get more done before 10am than most people do all day”, then you may have been spending time with…

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