THXSILK Pure Mulberry Silk Flat Sheet Review

Have you been considering the purchase of silk sheets but you just aren’t sure if they’ll be right for you? Whether you’re trying to be kinder to your skin or you just want to test out a bit of luxury, silk sheets work effectively to help you sleep better and feel great! Silk is a luxurious material that is also very durable and sustainably produced.

This silk flat sheet by ElleSilk offers high-quality momme weight and gets rid of risks for allergy sufferers. In this article we’ll take a deep dive into the thing we love (and a few we don’t) about this product. Plus, we’ll gather review information for you so you know about the experiences that a variety of people have had with this particular silk sheet.

Here’s a rundown of what we’ll provide in this THXSILK Pure Mulberry Silk Flat Sheet review:

  • First, we’ll explore the features and benefits that you will find to be useful about this product
  • Next, we’ll look at the drawbacks you need to be aware of
  • Then, we’ll talk a bit about the THXSILK company behind the product
  • Finally, we’ll give you a sample of what actual customers and independent reviewers have to say about the product, offering insight to balance out your decision-making process

Features and Benefits of THXSILK Pure Mulberry Silk Flat Sheet

  • 100% Mulberry Silk in high grade with long fibers
  • High Quality 22 Momme durable silk (comparable to 600 thread count or higher)
  • Naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant
  • One queen sized flat sheet included (91” x 102”)
  • Other sheet sizes available include twin, full/double, or king/California king
  • Fitted sheets and pillowcases sold separately
  • Denser weave of silk provides luster and sheen for longer durability
  • Huge variety of color options including: black, white, ivory, silver, royal blue, claret, violet, light pink, sage green, grape, gold, cappuccino, charcoal gray, light blue, dark blue, blush and platinum silver
  • Seamless sheets for complete comfort
  • Machine washable in warm water using mild silk detergent
  • Excellent choice for allergy sufferers
  • Natural temperature regulation
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Internationally Certified to be chemical free, naturally dyed, hypoallergenic with no color shading or fading

Special Features (Pros) of THXSILK Pure Mulberry Silk Flat Sheet

Some of the aspects that we just love about this product that we think you’ll love too:

OEKO-TEX Standard 100. This product is internationally certified to be completely natural. Free from chemicals, dyed naturally with no color fading or shading. It’s natural and hypoallergenic standing makes it an excellent choice for people who suffer from allergies.

Color Variety. THXSILK seems to offer some of the greatest color varieties of any of the high quality silk sheet companies out there today. This means you order your silk sheets to coordinate with just about any décor, from pure white to stunning black and everything in between! Pastels and deep jewel tones are particularly lovely when complemented by the sheen of the silk. And, of course, the dyes are all natural and eco-friendly.

Drawbacks (Cons) for THXSILK Pure Mulberry Silk Flat Sheet

What you need to know about this product in order to make a fully informed purchase:

Cost. The fact that this product is just one flat sheet may be preferred for some people when they don’t want to invest in an entire silk sheet set. Although the quality is high, the cost may also feel a little steep for some people who might put in a bit more money and purchase an entire silk sheet set instead. Fitted sheets and pillowcases are sold separately for those who want the whole set.

Thinner Than Expected. Although the weight of this silk sheet is listed at 22 momme, which should make it a fairly heavy and durable sheet, the actual product may feel a bit lighter than what might be expected for a sheet of this weight. It does maintain its softness and elegance, however.

About the THXSILK Company

Founded in 1999, the THXSILK Company has been providing high quality silk products for happy customers for almost two decades. The company manufactures its silk in China, which is the place where the best silk worms are found that produce the highest grade silk.

THXSILK Pure Mulberry Silk Flat Sheet Reviews

We gather content from around the internet so that you can find all of the reviews and information you need in one place. Here’s what folks from all around have to say about the THXSILK Mulberry Flat Sheet:

What Amazon Customers Have to Say About THXSILK Pure Mulberry Silk Flat Sheet

One verified purchaser from Amazon can’t say enough about how much he is “in love” with the quality of this sheet! He says that he has never slept so well in all of his life, and it is definitely worth the cost.

Another Amazon reviewer mentions that he really didn’t like the idea of silk sheets at first, but his spouse insisted. He then discovered that the sheet was very comfortable and he loves the ivory color.

One other reviewer notes that she really loves this sheet for the way that it feels, although it can have a tendency to catch on small rough spots on her feet, so it may not be comfortable for everyone.

Bottom Line

This sheet is a great investment, if not exactly budget friendly. But the exceptional quality of this excellent silk flat sheet makes it worth it, and the color selection is a great as you’ll find anywhere. Allergy free, certified to be better for the environment and for humans, and luxurious, this silk sheet has fairly low maintenance care and offers options for other pieces to purchase separately in order to round out a complete set.

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