ZonLi Cool Weighted Blanket

Insomnia runs rampant among Americans, many of whom lose sleep because of stress, anxiety, and restlessness. An incredible discovery has been the calming influence of popular weighted blankets that bring about an ability to sleep more deeply and peacefully all throughout the night. Useful for people with insomnia, restless legs, autism, ADD, ADHD, and more, the ZonLi Cool Weighted Blanket should be on your list if you’re considering the purchase of a weighted blanket.

Here’s a rundown of what we’ll provide in this ZonLi Cool Weighted Blanket review:

  • First, we’ll explore the features and benefits that you will find to be useful about this product
  • Next, we’ll look at the drawbacks you need to be aware of
  • Then, we’ll talk a bit about the ZonLi Company behind the product
  • Finally, we’ll give you a sample of what actual customers and independent reviewers have to say about the product, offering insight to balance out your decision-making process

Features and Benefits of ZonLi Cool Weighted Blanket

Here are some of the details of what this weighted blanket has to offer:

  • Weighted blanket offers comfort to help you fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply
  • Relieves stress and anxiety for users
  • Effective for certain sleeping issues such as insomnia, restless leg syndrome (RLS), autism, anxiety, ADD, ADHD, REM disturbances and more
  • Made from premium 100% breathable natural cotton
  • Choose between a variety of weights for each individual user (7-13% of person’s weight)
  • May be used by children and adults, as long as the weight is appropriate for the person’s size
  • Variety of colors to choose from, including black, dark grey, brown, spearmint and more
  • Quality Control guarantee
  • Washable duvet cover available for purchase separately

Special Features (Pros) of ZonLi Cool Weighted Blanket

We particularly like this blanket because of these features:

100% Cotton. Natural, breathable fabric is critical for temperature control during sleep as well as for ease of care when laundering. Fabric is soft and comfortable without creating heat.

Evenly Distributed Pellets. The plastic pellets used in this blanket are non-toxic and evenly distributed throughout the blanket due to the carefully stitched square ‘pockets’. This keeps the pellets from gathering into one corner or section of the blanket or falling off the edges.

Drawbacks (Cons) for ZonLi Cool Weighted Blanket

Some concerns you should know about ahead of time so you can make an educated purchasing decision:

Very Warm. Just like most weighted blankets, one of the main concerns of users is that the blanket makes them hot while they are sleeping underneath it. This can be the cause of discomfort in the night but some people simply keep their bedroom cooler in the night.

Possible Leaking Pellets. Again, like most weighted blankets, there is a risk that the glass pellets will fall out of the lining if there is any loose stitching.

Cover Purchased Separately. In order to make this blanket more effective and useful, you may want to purchase a duvet cover separately for this item. A set may be purchased with the cover for an additional cost.

Video: Zonli Weighted Blanket Review 

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About the ZonLi Cool Weighted Blanket Company

Not much information is available about the company, except for the fact that they stand behind their product and they are located in China.

ZonLi Cool Weighted Blanket Reviews

When you’re making a decision, you want to consider the recommendations and opinions of trusted people. Here we’ve gathered information and reviews from various sources to get you the details you need to know that might influence your purchase.

Independent Reviews and Recommendations for ZonLi Cool Weighted Blanket

Best Reviews Website

The folks over at Best Reviews have placed the ZonLi Cool Weighted Blanket on their list of top weighted blankets especially due to its affordability. For therapy or simply just for personal comfort, this reviewer finds this blanket to be well-made and useful for conditions such as ADD, ADHD, autism and more. One concern noted by this reviewer is that the segments are larger which could lead to more shifting of the pellets. Read More Here…

25 Doctors Website

Reviewed by medical professionals, the ZonLi Cool Weighted Blanket was described as the best weighted blanket for adults. This review site notes that it is made of 100% cotton that is breathable, natural, and durable. One note from this reviewer is that it is fairly heavy and may be difficult to move around underneath.

I-home Mag Website

Ranking this the best weighted blanket for restless sleepers, I-home Mag notes that this blanket is ideal for adults. It features a sensory touch side (for sensory benefits) and is well made. It also mentions that the blanket is machine washable, hand washable, or dry cleanable. Read More Here…

What Amazon Customers Have to Say About ZonLi Cool Weighted Blanket

With more than 600 Amazon customer reviews, this weighted blanket comes in well above four stars durability, gift-ability, and ease of cleaning. Here are some examples of what

Amazon reviewers have to say about this product:

One verified purchaser bought this blanket for her husband who had an REM sleep dreaming disorder. It calmed and soothed him in the night and he was sleeping normally within three days. She says that she rarely writes reviews but she just had to for this one as it is definitely her ‘best purchase ever on Amazon’.

Another Amazon user found that it was helping his sleeping problems within just a few nights of sleeping with it. Insomnia, anxiety, and RLS (restless leg syndrome) are all better. He highly recommends this product. 

One other verified purchaser shares that she was very nervous at first to make the purchase because of the cost, but it is completely worth it. Her husband says that it gives him the ‘best sleep of his life’ and she says that it calms her body from general anxiety. She even wakes up feeling like her body had a massage! 

Bottom Line for ZonLi Cool Weighted Blanket

More affordably priced than some weighted blankets, all in all this one ranks fairly high on the purchasing and recommendation scale. Aside from a few issues with leaky pellets and some temperature concerns, this ZonLi blanket offers a quality guarantee that makes this a low risk investment.

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